Friday, February 20, 2009

EMI Event Dialog online on Modular

Modular Exhibit Systems: More Than Just an Instant Solution
Jeff Lake - Hamilton Exhibits
Daniel Tu - Tu Design
Rory J Thompson - Moderator

There was discussion about how modular exhibits were introduced to the american market as a low cost alternative to a custom booth and design was compromised by trying to do a 'knock off' of a custom booth. Now designs if they start with the idea of developing a design based on the system to be scaleable and efficient. 

Now many modular exhibits combine the use of fabric to soften the hard lines of the posts and beams of a modular or system architecture structure.

Rentals of these systems make them even more attractive today with the economy and concerns about sustainability.

There are a lot more options in terms of extrusion and panel and fabric that allows today's design escape for the boxiness of the early extrusion.
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Richard said...

I think in the new green world it is time for us to see more modular booths. Modular does not mean cheap or unattractive, it means creative use of the technologies and materials available to the exhibit world to reduce exhibits.